Awesome job Firebase team! I appreciate your thoroughness, care, dedication and sternness (or rather firmness) with love in the process. I believe you gave everyone attending the ability to step up and learn in a safe and controlled way. I highly recommend you to anyone interested in security training.

I greatly appreciated the godliness behind all of you. Within the context of people sharing Jesus around the world, we tend to be people that are hesitant to engage in these types of things (as many examples were shown). I believe the character of you all help reinforce the need for this and especially the stories Danny shared about hearing from God in intense situations. Thanks for doing this for us!!!

They were very aware of the types of things we needed to learn, and incredibly helpful in making adjustments for my personal needs as a highly sensitive person with some triggers related to the content. There was also a sensitivity to spiritual needs as well. I am really grateful!

Instead of being just another self defense class that anyone can take in their local hometown, you guys kept in mind the geographical contexts we are moving to, and trained us on how to live more safely in those dangerous places. You trained us in things that only professionals like yourselves are able to teach. Thank you SO much for not packing this training with light info I could have read on the internet, but instead, you empowered me to live a safer expat life in a dangerous world.

The scenarios were definitely the most informative. They give a glimpse into how one would actually react in a situation rather than just cataloging information in our minds about what we should do in a situation. Very helpful!

Thank you for doing what you do!! You are such a blessing to equip us and serve us and seek to grow and keep it fresh according to latest trends. I look forward to hopefully working together in the future. the actors were phenomenal too, and staying in role – both us and them so convincingly – was a huge equipping to the bigger picture. Knowing the severity of the work, the truth of the ‘other side’ and all in the name of love and grace.. truly amazing. A privilege to meet you all.

Thanks so much for a great weekend. You (Rocky) and Danny really did make us feel like family and because of that, it made an intimidating training… well, still intimidating… but it felt more doable because we knew who you and the other trainers were. I appreciated how we didn’t just hear from one person all weekend but got to hear from many different professionals. Thanks again — I know you all put a lot of time into preparing!!

I would 100% recommend this training to anyone I know going to the field. I really felt like I was learning from the top experts in security training, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us! Thank you!!!